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Please make sure that you accurately assessed the number of bedrooms in your home. Our rate also relies on that number. We consider bedrooms to be ANY room in the house that is NOT the dinning room, family room, kitchen, or bathroom. So whether a room is used as an office, storage room, or in any other capacity, we will count such rooms as bedrooms when calculating our rate

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Condition Clean
My home is very tidy, thoroughly cleaned weekly, bi-weekly or at least once in a month (kitchen, bathrooms, dusting, vacuuming, mopping etc). I do not have clutter, my floors are generally clean. Baseboards, cabinets, floors and other surfaces need light cleaning. There is nothing that needs deep cleaning or scrubbing.

Condition Average
My home is usually cleaned every 4-8 weeks. My kitchen counter-tops and cabinets are fairly clean bur could use a little help. I may have some clutter but it is not out of control. Surfaces are cleaned every couple of weeks. Bathroom and kitchen deep cleaned every 1-2 months; some soap scum starting, pet hair, fingerprints, dirt and dust mild condition.

Condition Poor
My home hasn't has a good cleaning for 3 months or more. Kitchen counter tops usually have stuffs on them and could use a good scrubbing clutter, soap scum, substantial dirt, dust, hair, grime on floors, baseboards,walls and other surfaces. some areas are in so-so condition.

Condition Dirty.
The home need a lot of help. It hasn't has a thorough cleaning in 6 months or more! There are obvious clutter and quite a bit of dust, pet hair and dirt. Walls need washing, bathroom has thick scum and debris on surfaces, kitchen need deep cleaning and scrubbing.

Our quotes are only as accurate as our customers are realistic about the conditions of their homes. We reserve the right to discuss our online quote if information about current condition of your home is inaccurate and service is going to take significant more time to complete your home cleaning.
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