Residential Cleaning

Leal Home Cleaning cleans your entire home during each visit. Other cleaning services often use a rotation system, meaning leaving many tasks uncompleted on each visit. We clean your entire home thoroughly each and every time. That’s just one of the way that you can be sure that you will get top-notch house cleaning service with Leal Home Cleaning.

Call today for one time only, to a recurring weekly, bi-weekly or monthly service. You will enjoy the professional service and quality of our work. House cleaning service by Leal Home Cleaning offer the highest quality and most trusted name in professional house cleaning in San Francisco and Peninsula Bay Area.

Our Residential Cleaning Service includes the following tasks:

Floors vacuumed and washed

Window sills and frames Damp wiped

Dust and Polish all furniture

Spot cleaning for fingerprints and smudges

Wash baseboards and chair rails

Vacuum upholstered furniture

Wash sinks and fixtures

Clean sliding doors and tracks

Remove cobwebs

Make beds and change linens

Clean and sanitize showers / toilets

Pick-up and straighten

Clean exterior of kitchen cabinetry

Clean all counter top appliances

Clean mirrors and glass

Empty wastebaskets and remove trash

Professional cleaning throughout your home!