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Phone: (855) 575-3003

Quote Information:

Customer Name : Deanna Terzian

City : San Francisco

State. : CA

Phone. : 6503072813

Zip Code. : 94158

Email. :

Apointment Date : September 7, 2021
Apointment Time : 02 PM – 05 PM

Frequency : One Time
Type of Service : Move-in/out Cleaning

Bedrooms : 2
Home Condition :
Size : 1001-1500
Pets :
Additional Note hello I would like a quote to do a deep cleaning for my home. I would like to include removing the burnt stains on mY stove, a wipedown of all the cabinets, as well as the soap scum in the bathrooms. I would also like to include a cleaning (Not just a wipedown) of ALL the doors and baseboards which have accumulated dirt. Finally, i would like to include a cleaning of my electric grill which is on the patio. I uploaded a couple of pictures. My unit is 1200 square feet. I need the cleaning completed before 9/9 and ideally on 9/7 or 9/8. I am flexible on the time of day. If The service is good I would like to set up monthly cleaning. You come recommended from a neighbor in my condo building. thank you.