Post Construction Cleaning

Inquire about our Post-Construction Cleaning Services, featuring Professional Power Washing and Exterior Window Cleaning, to make your recently constructed home sparkle inside and out. Let us bring out the true beauty of your new space. Call Now and schedule and free estimate.

Elevating Your Pre-Sale, Renovated, or Newly Constructed Home Experience, Inside and Out

Once the construction or renovation dust settles, your beautifully revamped space deserves a final touch of perfection. At Leal Home Cleaning, our expert cleaners specialize in post-construction cleaning services, ensuring your home gleams with a fresh, polished finish.

Understanding Post-Construction Cleaning

Post-construction cleaning involves meticulous cleaning tasks performed after the construction or renovation work is complete. While contractors typically remove large debris and trash, a thorough cleaning to prepare the space for immediate use is often necessary. Our cleaning crew steps in to ensure every corner is spotless and ready for occupancy.

What to Expect from Leal Home Cleaning’s Post-Construction Cleaning Service

Our comprehensive post-construction cleaning service is tailored to preserve the integrity of your newly installed materials and prepare them for furnishing and decor placement.

Here’s what our remodeling cleaning and construction cleanup entail:

Removing surface dust, dirt, and scuff marks: Our team employs gentle yet effective cleaning solutions to ensure your new flooring and walls are pristine without causing any damage.

Cleaning fixtures and appliances: We meticulously remove layers of debris and fingerprints from newly purchased appliances and fixtures, ensuring they maintain their allure.

Touching up baseboards, trim, and doorframes: With utmost care, we delicately clean and refresh newly painted or stained woodwork, ensuring no marks or scratches are left behind.

Scrubbing tiles and brick: Our experienced team tackles tough masonry residue on tile or brick surfaces, restoring their sanitary appearance.

Cleaning inside cabinets, drawers, and closets: We leave no area untouched, ensuring even the most concealed spaces are clean, disinfected, and ready for use.

Additionally, we offer professional power washing and window cleaning services for an outstanding experience both inside and outside your home. Whether preparing for a sale, enjoying a newly renovated space, or settling into a newly constructed home, our services ensure every aspect of your property shines with brilliance.

Benefits of Choosing Leal Home Cleaning’s Post-Construction Cleaning Service

Backed by 20 years of expertise, our industry-leading cleaning professionals offer several advantages:

Enjoy your newly renovated space sooner.

Save time with our efficient cleaning services.

Experience a thoroughly cleaned and organized environment.

Flexible scheduling options tailored to your project’s completion.

In addition to post-construction cleaning, Leal Home Cleaning also provides various specialty cleaning services to simplify your life and ensure your home maintains its immaculate charm. Call today and schedule an appointment for an Estimate.

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