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Terms and Conditions

Satisfaction Guarantee: Your complete satisfaction is our #1 goal! We have a Satisfaction Guarantee: Since cleaning is a very personal and human service, we realize that occasionally an area may not be cleaned to your satisfaction. We are unable to offer a refund, but Leal Home Cleaning will happily re-clean any area that you are not satisfied with. Just let us know of any issues or concerns within 24 hours of your cleaning and we will do our best to make it right.

Our Satisfaction Guarantee does not apply under certain circumstances:

To homes in “Condition 4” (See our quote page for home condition details)

When we use a customer’s cleaning products, supplies or vacuum cleaner by request of the customer

When the customer does not allow us enough time to thoroughly clean to our standards.

Quote Accuracy: Our quotes can only be as accurate as our customers are realistic about the condition of the home. Our quotes are usually quite accurate when all areas of the home are accounted for on the estimate form or our online quote form, when the home’s square footage is factual and especially when the home’s condition is realistically defined. The home’s condition is the largest determining factor of our accuracy for our online quote.

Upon arrival, if information about current condition of your home is inaccurate we will attempt to contact you to discuss our quote right away.

Before your cleaning appointment: Your price for cleaning is based on the professional house cleaners focusing all of their time and energy on cleaning instead of routine housekeeping. We ask that you take a few minutes before a scheduled cleaning for general housekeeping to allow easy access to areas/surfaces to be cleaned. There are things you can do before your cleaning appointment to save cleaning time and money, i.e. wash dishes and generally de-clutter. We’re happy to do any of these with advance notice and with the understanding that they were not included in the house cleaning rates. If you’d like us to do these tasks for you, please email the Office at least one business days before your appointment so we can adjust the team’s schedule and adjust your cleaning fee for the additional “cleaning preparation” time.

Cancelation Policy and lockouts

In your busy life, we understand that things come up suddenly. But once we take a reservation, we hold that time slot open for you and turn away other potential customers in order to ensure your timeframe. So, if it is necessary to cancel or skip your scheduled service, Leal Home Cleaning merely requires 48 hours of notice. If we receive less than 48 hours notice, or if we can not access your home, it will be necessary to charge you a $50 dollar fee.

This also applies to LOCKOUTS, meaning that we are not able to access your home on the scheduled day. You have some options for providing Leal Home Cleaning access to your home:

The most preferred and convenient method: you may leave a key to your residence with Leal Home Cleaning. Your key will be kept safe and secure in our key safe. All keys are coded for security and will never have your name or address attached to them. If you have an alarm system, please give access instructions to our office.

You may have a coded lockbox installed in a discreet location on the exterior of the home. That way, there will be no incident of missing hide a keys, forgetting to leave the door unlocked, etc.

If neither of the above is possible, you may meet the House cleaners at your residence. Please refer to the Cancellation Policy should Leal Home Cleaning be unable to access your home during the preset arrival window.

If neither of the above is possible, we can discuss alternative arrangements.

Arrival window

To ensure quality service for all valued clients, Leal Home Cleaning cannot specify exact arrival times. Arrival windows allow us to handle all the variables of each day and each home without affecting the promises we make to you.

The House cleaners will arrive within the following timeframes:

When we have a key to the home or lockbox code, our arrival window is between 8am and 4pm

When we are meeting someone at the home, we will set a two-hour arrival window between the hours of 8am and 4pm.


Payment for cleaning services is due in full at the time of service unless other arrangements have been made. Leal Home Cleaning gladly accepts payment in the following forms: Cash, Personal Check, and Credit Cards. We currently utilize Authorize.net to secure and process your credit card information. If you will be paying by check or cash on a regular basis, and no one is going to be home on the day of your scheduled cleaning service, payment must be left on the counter. Should a check be returned, a $ 35.00 Returned Check Fee will be added to your account.

If we arrive to clean and there is no payment, we will contact you immediately. If you are not available, we will need to reschedule your appointment and you will be charged a cancellation fee.

Digital Media

Occasionally we like to take before and after pictures of the interior of your vacant home when doing move-out and post-remodeling cleaning. Pictures will be for our reference only and will not be publicized without your consent. Interior images will be focused on the room and or damage we may find and will not be focused on personal property unless it is your personal property that was damaged and is required by our insurance to process a claim.