Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. In order to bring your space up to our standard, the first cleaning will often take longer than the following visits so that we can give your space the deep cleaning it deserves and learn your home’s unique needs.
Please click on this “Services We Offer” link to review a detailed list of what is included in our services.

No, but it is certainly your preference. Most of our customers aren’t home, but the vast majority purchase a lockbox or trust us with the alarm code. If you aren’t going to be home during the cleaning, we will discuss how you feel more comfortable letting us access your home. Our preferred option is a lockbox, similar to those used by realtors. The key is stored on your premises but is only accessible via a special code. No one else can get in, and you won’t have to worry about leaving a door unlocked or leaving a key hidden somewhere outside. Additionally, when necessary, alarm systems can either be left turned off, or we can make arrangements to have an alarm code for disengagement and reengagement. Some clients establish a guest or temporary code for Leal Home Cleaning, and we will keep your access information extremely secure. If none of the aforementioned options suit your needs, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our office, and we’ll work together to find a solution that aligns with your preferences

We clean Monday through Friday between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. and Saturday between 8:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m., and we are closed on Sundays. We will do our best to schedule your cleaning on your preferred day and time.

We love them, and we’ll treat them like our own. Your special instructions are noted on our work order so the cleaning technician will know your wishes concerning your pets.

It’s not expected, but it is greatly appreciated for work well done. We have found it common for clients to tip at the end of each cleaning or make a larger tip at the end of the year. Please make sure money left as a tip is marked as such. Tips may also be added to your credit card payment. Please note that 100% of the tips go directly to the cleaning technicians performing the job.

Our services are available in all cities in the following counties: San Francisco County, Marin County, San Mateo County & Santa Clara County.

We observe the following holidays: New Year’s Day, Independence Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day. If a routine cleaning falls on one of these holidays, we will contact you in advance to reschedule your cleaning. We work on many federal holidays. Unless you cancel service, you can expect us to arrive as scheduled if your cleaning date falls on any holiday except those stated above.

Give us 24 business hours’ notice of your change in plans, and we will promptly reschedule or cancel your cleaning. Please note we are not open on the weekends. If you need to make changes to a cleaning scheduled on Monday, please contact us the Saturday before by 12:00 p.m.

If something gets broken or damaged, our staff is trained to photograph it and report it immediately, without reprimand. They are careful and considerate of each space they attend, but every now and then accidents do happen. Once reported to the office, we contact you to discuss a fair and quick resolution. We do ask that any irreplaceable items are put away and anything you are concerned about is noted at the time of booking.

Click on the “Customer Guidelines” link to review our customer guidelines.

Use our quote system on this site to submit your quote today. Our quote page is designed to fully customize your cleaning, giving you an upfront cost without any surprise costs. Additionally, you will receive a quote as fast as the same day or even hours after submitting your quote request. Alternatively, you can call (855) 575-3003 and talk to one of our team members.

Either call or text (855) 575-3003 or email:

Leal Home Cleaning offers a worry-free home cleaning service solution. Most independent maid services are not insured, which makes homeowners liable. We are fully insured, licensed, and bonded for your protection and ours.

No unless there are specific products or equipment you would like us to use. We bring our own supplies, microfiber cloths, vacuums, and flat mops.

We want you to enjoy the kind of continuity in your service that allows you to never think twice about it. We will make every effort to send the same cleaner to your home for each visit. Our goal is to provide you with consistency no matter what; even if circumstances demand a staffing change. Every cleaner is extensively trained to utilize the same efficient, effective cleaning techniques so that you can always count on receiving the same great, personalized service to which you are accustomed.

We cannot give you an honest answer that is direct and coincides on how long it takes to clean a home because there are so many variables that go into how long it takes to clean a house.

We accept debit and all major credit cards. Your card will only be charged after the cleaning is complete.

No. You can cancel the service anytime you wish.

Please call us to schedule a in-home estimate

Leal Home Cleaning professionals are specially selected based on their ability, performance, and experience to provide exceptional service.

If you require additional services (add-ons) for your initial cleaning but not for every recurring service, we’ve got you covered. Your quote for the first cleaning will include the selected add-ons. Please note, for recurring services, add-ons are not automatically included in your rate. However, you can include any add-ons as needed for a minimal fee.