Frequently Asked Questions

Our services are available on All Cities in the follow county:  San Francisco County, Marin County, San Mateo County & Santa Clara County.
Leal Home Cleaning has been providing local residents with flexible and reliable house and office cleaning services since 2006. We’ve cleaned thousands of homes and offices using conventional and green cleaning methods for more than a decade! By now, we’ve perfected our formula for great Green Cleaning Service with amazing results. We know that your home or office is entirely unique to you. Our online free quote form help you identify what your needs are, and then we provide you with services that have been specially tailored just for you.
You can if you would like, but it isn’t required. If you aren’t going to be home during the cleaning We will discuss how you feel more comfortable in let us get inside your home. Our preferred option is a lock box, similar to those used by realtors. The key is stored on your premises, but is only accessible via a special code. No one else can get in, and you won’t have to worry about leaving a door unlocked or leaving a key hidden somewhere outside. On top of this, the key won’t get lost, and your cleaning technicians have easy access to your home. and, when necessary, Alarm systems can either be left turned off or we can make arrangement to have an alarm code for disengagement & reengagement. Some clients establish a guest or temporary code for Leal Home Cleaning and we will keep your access information extremely secure.
Use our quote system  on this site to submit your quote today.  Our quote page is designed to fully customized your cleaning giving you a up front cost without given you any surprise cost. on top of that, you will get a quote as faster as same day or even hours after submit your quote request.
That’s not a problem. When you request a quote for 1st Cleaning and recurring service you will receive a quote with two different rates, one for the first cleaning which includes the add-ons you have selected and other for recurring service which not includes the add-ons. But you always can add them to your recurring cleaning at a very small fee.
Either call 855.575.3003 or email:

We are licensed, bonded and insured.

No unless there are specific products or equipment you would like us to use. We bring our own supplies, Microfiber cloths, vacuums and flat mops.

We want you to enjoy the kind of continuity in your service that allows you to never think twice about it. As family owned and operated Company we make every effort to send the same cleaner to your home for each visit. Our goal is to provide you with consistency no matter what; even if circumstances demand a staffing change. Every cleaner is extensively trained to utilize the same efficient, effective cleaning techniques that you can always count on receiving the same great, personalized service to which you are accustomed.
I cannot give you an honest answer that is direct and coincide on how long it takes to clean a home because there are so many variables that go into how long it takes to clean a house.
You may pay by cash, check or credit card. Payment is due at time of service. If you do not intend to be at home at the time of your cleaning you may choose to either leave cash or a check on the kitchen counter the morning of your house cleaning. if planning to pay with credit card you may contact us one business day prior to your appointment and we will send you a link for our portal along with your login information so you can easy and security add your payment information to our system. your credit card information will be safety storage on servers and your card only charge after the cleaning is complete.

No, we are a family run and owned business established in the Bay Area in 2006

People and pets are important!  We use natural products to ensure our service is both environmentally and allergy friendly.  Takes some extra elbow grease but we feel the planet is worth it.

Leal Home Cleaning professionals are specially selected based on their ability to perform and receive our signature training to provide exceptional service. We also have unique quality control measures in place to help ensure consistency in our standard of service.

All cleaners must have considerable cleaning experience prior to work with our company. Once an cleaner is hired she/he must complete a training program. The owners of Leal Home Cleaning ensure that all cleaners are diligent, courteous, and trustworthy.

When we come clean your home for the first time, we are picking up years of residue from old cleaning products plus the normal unclean surface. This takes a little more time then your next cleaning. We will be thorough throughout your home to make sure we do the job right the first time. This is why we charge a different rates for initial cleaning and recurring cleaning.

Please call us before to schedule a in-home estimate